May 13-19, 2019

Women in Culture: 3 questions to Josephine Walsh formerly with National Museum of Australia

June 17, 2017 |

Women in Culture: 3 questions to Josephine Walsh formerly with National Museum of Australia

Josephine Walsh is a Social Media Freelancer, formerly Social Media Coordinator of the National Museum of Australia who helped NMA with their content this year for #MuseumWeek and #WomenMW.

1. Why are you personally on social media?

I love to dabble in photography, so Instagram is a fun and easy way to discover new photographers, destinations and experiences in whichever city I live in or visiting. I got a Facebook ‘Memory’ yesterday saying that I had been on there for 10 years – it’s come a long way since when I first started an account in my first year of university! (Inwardly cringes at early inane use of the Facebook wall)

I find the creative ways individuals, organisations and movements use social media to shine a light on important issues and create massive participatory dialogues inspiring. Having worked as a social media coordinator for two culture organisations over the past few years, I like to stay across the developments and trends across all of the various platforms, even if my particular organisation doesn’t have a presence there.

2. Why did you register for #MuseumWeek?

Today, more than ever, we need to be promoting the immeasurable value of culture in society. A healthy democracy is one that appreciates the depth and diversity of the human experience, and celebrates both the similarities and differences between the billions of traditions, stories, objects, people and communities which connect us. During a time where cultural institutions are being asked to do more with increasingly less, I feel that #MuseumWeek is an incredible initiative that enables even the smallest organisation to share their stories on a welcoming world stage.

3. What are you planning to do to support #WomenMW?

This #MuseumWeek, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside my old crew at the National Museum of Australia to create their social media content. They have some exceptional objects and stories relating to women, and a deep commitment to promoting the many ways in which women have shaped Australian history. The NMA has a particular focus on celebrating and exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, and I loved working on stories which give an insight into the role of Indigenous women in preserving and sharing their culture. I’ll be sharing as much #WomenMW content as possible on my own channels and am excited to see what everyone has planned!

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