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Women in Culture: Interview with Pompeii Communication group

June 19, 2017 |

Women in Culture: Interview with Pompeii Communication group

Staff members of the Press Office are: Marella Brunetto, Daniela Leone, Alessandro Tartaglione, Luciana Ranieri
Staff members of the Communication Office are: Lara Anniboletti, Giuseppe Barbella, Antonio Benforte, Biagio Ricciardiello, Lucrezia Gigante

The communication team at Pompeii asked to do the interview as a group:

The Press and Communication Office of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is the interface between the Excavations and the public. The office provides news to regional and national media, shares post on social networks, realizes graphics for online campaigns, updates the official website and is responsible for all the events of the Park.

1. Why did your institution registered for MuseumWeek?

After taking part to this initiative already last year, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii is gladly joining in also this year. The site has exceeded 3 millions visitors in 2017, with over 75% of foreigners: Museum Week is a great opportunity to get the online community involved and engage people from all over the world.

2. Are you planning specific contents around the #womenMW tribute?

We are happy to be part of the Museum Week and truly thrilled that the main theme is women in the heritage world. We were able to retrieve from our archives pictures and stories about the female condition, and we aim to describe how women were perceived in the ancient time, what their role was in the community. At the same time, we want to remember some women of our time whose story is woven together with the one of the Park. You’ll be surprised.

3. Who are the female artists from your country that you would like to be known by general audience?

We are an Archaeological Park, therefore we don’t really have female artists to promote. Nonetheless, we want to tell the stories of all the women who lived in the ancient Pompeii and put them in the right historical frame. Our mission is to convey the culture of the past. There were indeed some famous women in Pompeii that we know of, as the priestess Eumachia, the priestess Mamia and Iulia Felix.
In more recent times, Pompeii hosted contemporary female artists. For instance, the popular jazz singer Sarah Jane Morris chose the Archaeological Park as set for a video performance addressing social issues (immigration).

4. What is your message to women who works in the field of Culture and Art?

Half of the staff members in our office are women. In the communication field especially, creativity and dedication are great assets. We heartily want to thank all the women, archaeologists, restorers, experts, that every day work for making Pompeii and Italy two of the cultural excellences in the world.  “We need your enthusiasm!

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