May 13-19, 2019

Live streams during #MuseumWeek

May 23, 2019 |

Live streams during #MuseumWeek

Live stream is a great way to stay connected with your existing audience as well as engage with the new ones. The important point to consider is that you don’t need to have professional equipment and have specific skills to start streaming. Of course, if you have the equipment and a team to help you, it is a very good opportunity to produce high quality content, however, you can take the very first steps with just your smartphone and, for instance, selfie-stick. You can stream from your institutions’ page directly from Facebook and Instagram mobile apps, and if you want to stream using Twitter account, you are welcome to install Periscope app.

Here are some points to take in mind:

  • think about the goal of your stream: what do you want to show and why?
  • Check Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile signal) in the halls you are going to stream from. You can launch a test stream from your personal stream, make sure that it is available just for you or for a small number of friends;
  • If you are going to stream together with your colleague, it is a good idea to discuss the route and the content in advance: which objects are you going to show, which stories to share:
  • If the halls are crowed, try to use microphone, or, instead, stream during the day when the museum is closed to the public;
  • Prepare to stream around 30 minutes, make sure that you have enough energy in your smartphone’s battery.

Ideas for live streams during #MuseumWeek

  • Behind the scenes tour during #SecretsMW day;

“Today, watch as Sunny performs a blindfold test in order to assess his fundamental skills in a building”.

Watch the full video on Metropolitan Museum of Art Facebook page

  • Live from workshops and other activities which take place on #PlayMW day;
  • QA session with curators on #ExploreMW day. For example, you can collect questions on Instagram in advance by publishing Story with QA sticker;

  • On #FriendsMW day you can live stream with your fellow colleagues from other institutions: on Facebook and Instargam Live there is an option to run stream together with another account. Let’s celebrate our parterships!

Learn more about Facebook Live in Ryan W. Dodge’s article.

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