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April 23-29, 2018

7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags!

Dear friends in museums, art galleries, libraries, archival institutions and science centres worldwide, #MuseumWeek is back for a fifth edition and will be held April 23-29, 2018! Attached is some useful information about this year’s program to help you get ready!

Living together, citizenship and tolerance

We are convinced that Culture, Art, Science and Education play an vital role in the development of our societies, forging links which know no borders between women and men. This is why we have chosen to dedicate #MuseumWeek 2018 to our shared values of living together, citizenship and tolerance. Each of the daily hashtags described below reflects a particular aspect of those ideas. As every year, please note that we will mainly be promoting the most original publications connected to that theme – living together – as well as those associated with the hashtag #womenMW, the leitmotiv of our event. Outlined below are a few tips explaining the essential purpose of each day, but do feel free to offer your own takes on the daily themes. Above all, have a good time and be creative!

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April 23-29, 2018


Mon, April 23rd

Although the role of women in society is obviously just as important as that of men, it is far from being properly recognized. This Monday, April 23, we will focus on famous women in the fields of history, art, culture and science, as well as all those anonymous women whose lives structure our societies. Not women chosen for their beauty, but artists, intellectuals, workers, and so on. Share your content with the hashtag #womenMW!


Tue. April 24th

Cities embody social life and have inspired painters, musicians and writers, not to mention architects and town planners! Encourage your visitors to take a different look at the cities of yesterday, today and tomorrow! Show just how much your facility is an integral part of your city and embodies a social living space. On Tuesday, April 24, share your content with #cityMW!


Wed. April 25th

Whether constructed, intangible or even underwater, we are all attached to our heritage and keen to protect it and keep it alive. On Wednesday, April 25, celebrate heritage in all its forms, from your building to your hidden collections or online resources! Share your content with #heritageMW!


Thu. April 26th

Spotlight on the skills that keep cultural facilities alive! Take advantage of this day to present your staff’s occupations to young adults and the general public! Familiar or obscure jobs, specific talents, unique competences... Thursday, April 26 is #professionsMW!


Fri. April 27th

Children are our future and cultural facilities play a particularly important role in developing their psychomotor abilities, stimulating their imagination and assisting their choice of a future career. So tell us how your facility especially caters to them and celebrates visions of childhood in art and culture! Share your publications with #kidsMW!


Sat. April 28th

We study, depict, cherish and abuse nature, but it never leaves us indifferent and always remains part of our lives. In fact, we are very much a part of nature. Share original content that reflects its portrayal in culture, art and science, and describe its presence in your facility. What influence does nature have on your institutions? Let us know with #natureMW!


Sun. April 29th

“How can one be Persian?” asked Montesquieu in the days of the Enlightenment, inviting his readers to think about other people with an open mind. How is difference represented in Art, Science and History? Our relationship with others shapes our connection with the world and our social life. So share original content from your facility that illustrates #differenceMW!

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