Martin Schäfer is responsible for social media and digital strategy at Stadtmuseum Berlin.

1. How did you live the #MuseumWeek experience? Did you notice any new dynamic in your institution since then?

In general it put the spotlight on museums and their work on social media. We were pretty young on twitter last year and started as @_WESTBERLIN_, our special exhibition theme at that time. All in all it was a success our channel. #MuseumWeek was a keystone of our twitter campaign last year and encouraged us to continue this work under the new name @StadtmuseumBLN for all our museum venues. The creativity we’ve seen during this special event was absolutely inspirational and stunning.

2. During the event, was there the opportunity to invite specific audiences like fans, Instagrammers, artists, influencers acted upon…?

Last year we displayed the hashtags in all our museums. We wanted to make people aware what was going on on twitter in that particular week.

For this year #MuseumWeek we are planning to encourage visitors even more by using our new twitter wall from the special exhibition #stadtderfrauen. They should share their moments and we are looking forward for the posts by the crowd.

3. What is the benefit for your institution to be on Twitter?

We are able to show the variety of topics and the wide range of our huge collection. Twitter allows us to present little pieces, snapshots, inside looks up till complete stories. Spreading content and reaching our local audience is a win and it makes fun at the same time. Twitter is the best way to reach journalists, a younger target group and influencers. It’s a great platform to talk to an old and new audience and help them to spread the word.

During #MuseumWeek we learned so much and made great new friends.

Twitter helps us to stay connected with our colleagues from Berlin, as well as worldwide. It makes it easier to see the bigger picture!


Interview by @benben71, @julie_scheffer and @ljaubertie