Anna Balandina is the Head of Communication Department at the Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA)

1. How did you live the #MuseumWeek experience? Did you notice any new dynamic in your institution since then?

​​Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) is a small art museum in global context but great art museum in local arena so we experience #MuseumWeek and other similar activities on Twitter as #AskACurator, #MuseumRainbow etc. as a great opportunity to engage, share and connect worldwide, and to open new ways of seeing museum for our local audiences and museum staff. LNMA is a pioneer between cultural institutions in Latvia of starting to use social media platforms as an important communication tool to improve relationships with our audiences. The local practice for cultural institutions on social media is still mostly one-way communication, not creating original and engaging content and I think #MuseumWeek in general is a good reason to take a look from aside to your institutions communication on social media. We have noticed that the number of museums from Latvia that are participating in these activities is increasing every year. So I hope for some good resonance in Latvia of #MuseumWeek this year!