Yves Bolognini from Bolo Museum Switzerland

1. Why are you personally present on social media?

I was a computer engineer by training and a project manager for IT projects. If I sometimes use this means to share personal information, from the beginning my presence was mainly linked to the Bolo Museum, the museum of history of computer science installed in the EPFL premises in Lausanne Switzerland

Since the creation of the museum in 2002, we have tested several ways of informing the public about our activities: website with “latest news” page, newsletter by email, etc. In the end, it was social media that was the more effective. Speed ​​and simplicity of publication, possibility of reaching people who do not yet know the Bolo Museum, great potential visibility, are all advantages of social media for an institution like ours, run by a team of volunteers.

2. Why is your museum registered at #MuseumWeek?

We have been interested in #MuseumWeek since the 2015 edition. But it was last year that we really prepared our participation and actively exchanged with the other museums during the event. It was a fantastic experience and it allowed us to make new contacts. For us, participating in the 2017 edition is obvious.

This year, the #MuseumWeek falls in the middle of a fundraising campaign that should save the collections of the Bolo Museum (follow the #GoBolo hashtag for more information). And on the first day of #MuseumWeek, June 19th, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of our museum!