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Matthias Schönebäumer works at the communications department at Deichtorhallen Hamburg

1. Why did your institution registered to the #MuseumWeek?

I think this is the third time that we participate in the #MuseumWeek and the response has always been great. So it wasn’t even a question for us to be part of it again. I think it‘s a huge chance for museums of all kind to come together under a certain topic and show to the world what amazing stories and insights they have to offer. For me personally it’s also fun to think about the things you want to share with your audience besides what is to see during regular opening hours.

2. What makes Hanne Darboven so special that you’ll focus on her?

Hanne Darboven is among the most internationally significant female artists. She established herself in the male-dominated international Conceptual Art scene during the 60s, which makes her really unique. Her work is mainly known for her writings on time and space and the resulting series of drawings filled with rows of numbers, writing, and later also pictures. At first view, her art may seem difficult and formal – but it is actually very sensual and highly personal. Thanks to the support of the Hanne Darboven Foundation, we will share something interesting about Darboven’s life and work on each daily #MuseumWeek hashtag.

3. Who are the female artists from your country that you would like to be known by general audience?

There are so many interesting female artists that I can only name a few, so these are somewhat personal favourites of mine in no particular order: Anna Oppermann, Anne Imhof, Rosemarie Trockel, Jorinde Voigt and many more.

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