Azucena López Márquez is the Social Media Manager for Madrid’s National Museum of Natural Sciences.

1. Why are you personally on social media?

I’m in love with traditional journalism and with any way of communication but since I’m working in social media, I have discovered that we can reach the audience in a special and unique dimension; different to everything we have known so far. Social media allows us to see reactions and the impact of our messages in real time. The way that we can connect with people, communicate and deliver information in social media is just amazing.

2. Why did your museum registered for #MuseumWeek?

Madrid’s National Museum of Natural Sciences (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales MNCN-CSIC) is one of the oldest museums of Natural History in the world and an important research centre. We consider that #MuseumWeek is a great opportunity for us to talk about the museum to a worldwide audience. This is going to be our third year enjoying the #MuseumWeek and we hope we can participate again in the years to come. We are Azucena López (MNCN’s social media manager) and Carmen Martínez (Collections Department and the person in charge of the MNCN’s collections twitter profile)