Nicoletta Mantovani, President of the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation. Photography © Gianluca Naphtalina Camporesi

1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

The Pavarotti house museum is the last house where Luciano lived, and also the place where he left us. It is a sort of monument to his memory because it has its roots in the land he loves so much and his hometown of Modena.

It is the house that he had built giving very precise indications on the structure, materials, colors, finishes … it is not, therefore, only a place that hosted him but it is a mirror of his personality, his tastes, of his character. We often say that this place still speaks of Luciano in every corner.

The challenge we have set ourselves since the opening was to be able to make visitors known not only to the artist “Pavarotti” but also to the man “Luciano”… who knew him, in fact, knows that his humanity and his charisma were not inferior to his talent.