Roko Živković from Zagreb, Croatia, is the Director of the Museum of Illusions. Photography © Courtesy of the Museum of Illusions

1.What is your museum about and what it your work there?

The Museum of Illusions, which was first opened in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 by Roko Živković and Tomislav Pamuković, has expanded rapidly, operating now in 19 locations around the world, including New York, Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Muscat, Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Berlin, and Vienna.

Museum of Illusions is an unusual museum that will blow your mind. In this  fascinating world of illusions nothing is what it appears to be. Museums of Illusions are offering interactive, immersive and fun experiences for people of all ages and features various optical illusion exhibits, smart playrooms with games and puzzles and hologram and stereogram displays.

All museums around the world are carefully and thoughtfully designed to provide an educational experience that will leave guests feeling inspired long after they leave. Their smart shops and playrooms are stimulating learning and fun with wooden puzzles and are turning the playroom into a real fitness centre for your brain.