Marta Ferina, Head of Didactic Activities and of the Public Program of the PAC – Pavilion of Contemporary Art. Photography © Courtesy of the PAC

1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

The PAC is not really a museum, it is an exhibition space, the first in Italy built to accommodate contemporary art, and for years it has been investigating the artistic scene between experimentation and research.

It does not have a collection, although initially it was designed with this intent, and since the late 70s it has made a precise choice: to explore the national and international art scene exclusively through temporary exhibitions.

Our daily challenge is to stimulate through art a knowledge and a vision of the world far from stereotypes and simplifications, unhinging rigid interpretations, cultivating awareness and training the public to look at the world through new eyes and different perspectives. A place open to everyone to live and share contemporary culture through art.