Gaetano Bonelli, Director of the Museum of Napoli – Bonelli Collection. Photography © Angelo Marra

1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

The Museum of Napoli – Bonelli Collection, tells the city of Napoli from a demo-ethno-anthropological point of view.

The ambition is to contribute, through the vision of the testimonies collected and on display, to give another image of the city, less obvious, non oleographic and more in line with the most authentic matrix, that of the most noble Napoli which enchanted and inspired poets, writers, artists and travelers, who have always made it an essential destination.

2.What kind of remarkable digital innovation would you like to share with us? It can be online and/or in your physical space.

The testimonies present in the museum refer to times that in many respects are remote to us, but then we realize how much closer they are to our days instead of what we usually think.