Antonella Raio, visual artist from Napoli, Italy. Photography © Vittoria Di Criscio

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum?

Containing time and its experience has always been the aim of museums. Most of the time, museums contain a time other than us, sometimes too future or too past, and this timeless dichotomy creates a departure from contemporary life. Today art, for what is happening in the world, requires concrete reflection on time and how it manifests itself in artistic production.

Museums now more than ever should allow time for reflection, for a common experimentation. I would like the artistic experience to be lived by the institutions for a possible future for everyone. In short, museums should not only consecrate the work of an artist, but create common spaces where to discuss for a journey that is not only artistic. Today more than ever we are all called to look for possible solutions, therefore to cooperate trying not to live in individualism.

2.What are your favorite museums in the world? Why?

There are many museums that I prefer, often for an architectural element: I like the line and the shape in space like MoMA, a special almost theatrical museum. Instead, for a new consideration of the museum space, at the moment I am unable to indicate innovative projects, even if I find interesting the project “Forno del pane” of the MAMbo museum in Bologna, aimed at territorial artistic resources.