Zhanna Kadyrova, artist from Ukraine. Photography © Natalka Diachenko

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum? 

In my opinion the main role of museum is to keep, research and explore cultural objects. It is well known that no future with out knowing the past. Thus, museum is a public storage of artifacts and scientific facts.

2.What are your favorite museums in the world? Why?

Speaking about my favorite museum in the world I want to highlight the Kmityv Museum of Fine Arts named for Joseph Bukhanchuk. This is the unique example of realized utopia. This museum based in small Ukrainian village (675 people), 120 km from Kiev, the capital city.

It was built in the 80s Soviet Ukraine then, with initiative of former military officer who collected and appreciated soviet paintings: two-floors building  was constructed by students (1500 square meters). Also I want to add that students brigade from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts participated in construction works for this museum.