Isabel Alonso Vega, painter and sculptor from Madrid, Spain. Photography © I. Alonso Vega

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I am a sculptor. I do acrylic cases inside which, transparent layers, stained with soot are superposed, creating an illusion of three dimensional body. I work with smoke most of the times. I use black as my main colour and as an opposing idea sometimes I paint with real fine gold. My work is a mystic abstract work that uses personal fear as a raw material playing with real and organic forms.

I started working with smoke many years ago. I use to work in two dimensions, then I started to experiment with layers what brought me to sculpture. In 2013 I  started to give shape and be an active part of the Art Center Urgel 3 in Madrid. This organisation promotes international interaction between European artists through residencies, art exhibitions, international Art Fairs etc.

Humo, 2018. © Isabel Alonso Vega

My work was shown in numerous galleries in Europe such as Löwenbrau Kunst Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland), in Ulf Larsson Gallery (Cologne, Germany), White Noise Gallery (Rome, Italy) among others. I has also participated various international art fairs: Art verona 2018, Positions Berlin 2018, Affordable Art Hong Kong 2018, Scope Miami 2016/2017, Scope New York 2017, Scope Basel 2017, Art Madrid 2018, Just Madrid 2018, just Lisboa 2018, Context Miami 2018.and is represented by Flecha in Spain and other foreign Art Galleries.