Miya Ando, visual artist from New York, United States. Photo © Yiru Chen

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I’m a visual artist who studies the perception of awe in nature, focusing on the recognition and presence of the sublime in  fleeting moments. I crystallize specific, transitory aspects of natural systems  in my paintings and sculpture  as a means to establish a non verbal dialogue with viewers. Often I create idealized portraits of the landscape that capture evanescent moments as they quickly pass, this is my ode to nature and an elegy to that which may disappear forever  in our fragile environment.

The work is not so much a record of my experiences but more about inviting the viewer to  heighten their awareness of our relationship to the  natural world. I spent my childhood in a Buddhist temple in Japan and also in a redwood forest in Northern California, both of which cultivated a heightened appreciation and attention to natural systems. 

© Miya Ando

Japanese culture is very unique in their regard for nature as sacred, recognizing the non-material enlightenment and harmony that comes from communing with the natural world. I draw inspiration from Buddhism as well as quantum physics, which stresses the impermanence and interdependence of all things.