Hubert Phipps, artist from the United States. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I draw, paint and sculpt. As a child I discovered I had the ability of a draftsman and I developed a keen interest in illustration and character development. Drawing has always been the foundation of my work, even as I segued into abstract expressionism. My work of late has been varied. I’m working in soot, pure paint pigment and collaborating with musicians and digital artists to create a layering of sound and light projection on sculpture.

I delight in working in all kinds of medium. Learning to weld was critical to developing as a sculptor. I use modern technology such as virtual reality, 3D computer modeling programs to build on my traditional craft techniques. My recent focus has been creating and installing monumental size sculpture in public spaces. Click here to view “Dream Wall” video.

Dream Wall, at nighttime © Hubert Phipps

2.What does your work aim to say?

My current work speaks more to esthetic abstract forms as an expression rather than social commentary, conceptual ideas or narratives. It is pulling more from the heart than the mind. The expression of the enigmatic, the other-worldly and the ambiguous; qualities that I find so compelling in other artist’s work.