Kate Kutepova, Director of the Museum of Selfies Los Angeles, the United States. Photo © Courtesy of the museum

1.What is your museum about and what is your work there?

The Museum of Selfies is an interactive Museum that explores the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie and its roots dating back 40,000 years. Visitors can explore the origin of the selfie through the lens of art, history, technology, and culture while taking some cool selfies of their very own with the Museum’s interactive installations.

Beginning as a pop-up experience in April 2018, the Museum of Selfies took the world by storm, generating thousands of stories from news outlets all over the globe and becoming a certified pop-culture phenomenon. Having multiple locations around the US and the world, Museum of Selfies has been even mentioned from the stage of Oscars 2020 by actor Tom Hanks.

© The Museum of Selfies

A family-friendly attraction, Museum of Selfies features iconic photo opportunities, such as the mind-blowing Upside-Down room, the joyful Emoji Pool, the optical illusioned-filled Bathroom Selfie and many more. The newest location in Las Vegas also includes the Private Jet Experience, an installation built to give all visitors the chance to plunge themselves into the world of luxury.