What is MuseumWeek?


MuseumWeek is an international community of professionals working in Galleries, LibrariesArchives, Museums, Science and Music Centers, or any other cultural organisations, interested into having a social impact through Culture, by organizing online and offline events. MuseumWeek also brings together a global community of artists and digital creators committed to social change.


Because consciousness and hopes are being forged online, we strongly believe that cultural organizations have a fundamental role to play to build and shape more resilient and democratic societies. They are the catalysts of more creative societies and more involved in their own future.

Since 2014 MuseumWeek has grown to include over 60,000 participants from 100+ countries. It has has become the first virtual, worldwide cultural event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat and VKontakte.


MuseumWeek is organised by Culture For Causes Network, an official French non-profit organisation that promotes artists, museumslibrariesgalleriesarchivesart fairsfoundations and all cultural institutions around the world by the organisation of events on social media and sometimes in the physical space. 


MuseumWeek couldn’t be organized without the help of a team of enthusiasts and committed volunteers, most of them working in GLAMs. No MuseumWeek without them! 

If you would like to join, drop us an email at contact@museum-week.org

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More about MuseumWeek

2022's partners

UNESCO is officially supporting MuseumWeek since 2016

Previous partners

Fondation CHANEL

Fondation CHANEL officially supported MuseumWeek during a three-year program devoted to develop the international movement #WomenInCulture

The New York Times

The New York Times partnered with MuseumWeek in 2019 around the movement #WomenInCulture

Art Explora

The Art Explora foundation initiates a residency program for artists and researchers from around the worlds sharing culture with everyone so we all open up to one another is breaking down the walls that separate us. This is the ideal that drives Art Explora, and all of us, cultural professionals and volunteers, from all walks of life.

Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra was founded on 29 November 1963 in Paris. For over 50 years, Europa Nostra have celebrated, protected and lobbied for cultural heritage.

Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation partnered with MuseumWeek in 2019 in France to organise an edith-a-thon at the Château de Montsoreau


CloudGuide is the leading global sightseeing app, providing incredible interactive visitor experiences for museums and cultural heritage sites across the world. More than 1200 sites in 26 countries trust them to provide effective, user-friendly online tours of their monuments, museums and heritage sites.

MTArt Agency

Founded in 2015, MTArt Agency is a certified B Corp®. award-winning agency for the most exciting up and coming visual artists worldwide. MTArt Agency artists have partnered with Cannes Film Festival, brands including Aston Martin and Chloé, government bodies including the Mayor of Paris, Mayor of London and Camden Council, transit hubs such as Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport and Saint- Lazare train station, as well as, with museums, auction houses, and private collectors. MTArt Agency is proud to partner with MuseumWeek for the second time

Projeto Portinari

The Portinari Project is dedicated to the rescue and democratization of the life and work of the Brazilian painter Candido Portinari. It contributes to the country’s historical-cultural knowledge, promotes art and education for children and adolescents, and recovers Portinari’s pictorial, ethical and humanistic legacy through the Survey, Research and Cataloging, and Democratization programs of a comprehensive and detailed collection documentary of the artist. There are 5,400 works and 30,000 documents in its documentary collection. Visit www.portinari.org.br

MuseumWeek magazine

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MuseumWeek is organised by Culture For Causes Network, a non-profit organisation that promotes museums, libraries, galleries, archives, artists and all cultural institutions around the world by the organisation of events on social media and sometimes in the physical space. We need your support to continue this mission. Givers will receive a promotion in our magazine or extra-visibilty!