Thirteen people

Whenever we organize events, an international team is assembled with experts from around the world. We are pleased to present to you today the team in charge of the edition from 11 to 17 May! This team will manage the social accounts of the MuseumWeek and will interact with you! This thirteen people will not sleep much during the whole event and deserves your best regards!

MuseumWeek 2020’s official team (click on the document)

MuseumWeek 2020, second edition at fall!

Yes, you understood well, we are preparing a second edition in 2020, it will probably be in October, dates will be released soon. If you would like to participate in our next fall edition, contact benjamin.benita [AT]

Support us!

MuseumWeek is organised by Culture For Causes Network, an official French non-profit organisation that promotes museumslibrariesgalleriesarchivesartistsart fairsfoundations and all cultural institutions around the world by the organisation of events on social media and sometimes in the physical space. More info about Culture For Causes can be read here.

By supporting Culture For Causes Network, you will contribute to the constant effort that we are developing to promote cultural institutions and artists in a very innovative way. Givers will receive a promotion in our magazine and extra-visibilty on our social media accounts!