Jagannath Panda is a painter and sculptor from India. Photography © Vicky

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum?

The role of a museum is to collect best of our timeless cultural and creative products. It’s a most important learning space for brilliant ideas and hopes for our future prosperity.

2.What are your’s favorite museums in the world? Why?

Many museums are inspiring in Europe, especially France, but if I recall, my favorite museum is Tate Modern, London, UK.  It’s a museum of dynamic programs and it welcomes every segment of life.

I have been there many times and enjoyed its well-curated exhibition and design. I am yet to visit its new wing and heard really great things about it.  

3.How important are social networks in your business? And which platform do you prefer and why.

After Covid lockdown, social media became more necessary and important marketing tools for every business and artist’s website is more relevant now to visible in online world.

I mostly use Instagram, I feel like there are more active users in these platforms so I can reach more audience. My business more looks out by my gallery in New Delhi but I am also planning for my own web site, which is long pending.

4.In particular, due to the coronavirus emergency, how have you changed your business on social networks?

I am spending more time to finish all the pending works. As an artist I believe to explore new ideas by engaging in my studio practice. Trough social network connecting clients and do things relevant now.

5.To create greater engagement among museums, artists and professionals, do you have any advice for cultural projects such as #MuseumWeek?

Engagement between artists, creative professional and museums are very vital for positive growth of creative industry and I believe artists and museums should be connected more.

Museum as an institution should be more supportive and welcome to younger generation artists. In this regards #MuseumWeek doing wonderful works. I would say, it must visible to wider audience.

Open call invitation for diverse art projects also would be a great idea; either online or offline more artists can be engaged in this platform.

Interview by Fabio Pariante, journalist


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Jagannath Panda (Bhubaneswer, 1970) is an Indian painter and sculptor. He completed his B.F.A in sculpture at the B.K College of Arts and Crafts and received an M.F.A in sculpture from the Royal College of Art, in London, and was also a visiting researcher at the Fukuoka University, in Japan.

Focus of Panda’s artistic production is the continuous urbanization of India, between sacred and profane. Through animals, sometimes “humanizing them”, the artist tries to represent this aspect between dream and reality which highlights the increasingly evident social change.

Jagannath Panda lives and works in New Delhi.