Hannah Jensen, paint carver from Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo © Petra Mingneau

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I layer boards with up to 70 layers of acrylic paint and carve back through the layers to reveal the colours below. It was the result of a happy accident at university in 2003; 18 years later I am still passionate about carving into paint and continue to push myself within this unique technique. It is textural and topographical in its appearance and it brings me a lot of joy.

I am inspired by my time in nature and when I am not carving in the studio I am in the great outdoors, adventuring. I now have the honour of teaching my skill which is a wonderful way to share the joy, I endeavour to create online courses this year for those who can’t attend weekend workshops here in New Zealand.

Wild – Carmargue horses – Unbroken © Hannah Jensen

2.What are your favourite museums in the world? Why?

I adore the Tate modern, especially as that means I get to visit my brother and his family in London. The amazing building along the Thames with floors of incredible art from all around the world, is not only remarkable but educational in its depth of work. Also the wonderful MoMA in New York, room after room of magic to be inspired by.