Johannes Holt Iversen, visual artist from Denmark. Photo © Alfredo Falvo

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I am a visual artist and I mainly work within the disciplines of sculpture, installation and painting. In my work I tend to work from the material and out first, having in mind the lineage of artistic creation and representation.

Currently I am investigating the representation of light, shadow and matter; this often results in an object-based work, whereas not the figure itself only is important, but also the space and the viewer surrounding the figure has an important role to perform when engaging with the works. In my practice I have been drawn towards illuminating natural and cultural occurrences such as paintings, banners, marketed products and the use of shapes and symbols.

Lascaux 1.8.3, Dual-Core II, 2021 © Johannes Holt Iversen

My works can be abstract at times, but are always related to a real-world counterpart, often appearing from the use of materials; used in other industries such as retroreflection technology from the aviation industry, functional aesthetics from general construction and chrome pigments from the car manufacturing industry. Well… When it comes to my beginnings, it was quite hectic to be honest.