Koketit, artist, doodle poet from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Photo © Shira Barzilay

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I am doodle obsessed, so much that I turned it into a profession. I mostly create digital art, and showcase it via Instagram daily. My signature style is one-line faces, drawn minimalistically, often over photos that ispire me. By doing so, I am changing the narrative completely, giving it my own angle. Im fascinated with being able to say more with less, and finding accuracy within my freedom.

I sell my art on my website and also collaborate with brands on exciting artistic projects. My work is autobiographical and therefore is told from a feminine point of view.

© Koketit

My subject is always female and focuses on the connection of one’s intuition and their surroundings, and between their façade and their subconscious. That duality is always there, which is why I often draw over photos of nature, it is the most objective canvas.