Julia Fullerton-Batten, fine art photographer from Germany. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

After studying photography, I was an assistant to an eclectic mix of professional photographers for five years. I would enter competitions and was fortunate to win a competition with some images that I shot in Vietnam.

I was signed up by a German agent, soon had my first commercial assignment and became a professional photographer in my own right. Since then I shoot both commercial work and fine-art projects, producing images that are exhibited worldwide. Essentially I am a story-teller using settings and lighting to recreate factual visual stories. 

Ophelia after Millais, 2018 © Julia Fullerton-Batten

My early work stems from my own personal experiences as a teenager transitioning from pubescence to adulthood. Creatingimages for my first project, ‘Teenage Stories’, I hired locations on model villages in the UK and Europe, but still extensively found local street cast models and used wardrobe and props to help tell my stories. This project enabled my breakthrough as a fine-art photographer.