Lee Sangsoo, sculptor from Korea. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I am a sculptor working in Korea. My childhood dream was to be a painter because I really liked to draw. So I went to art college and majored in sculpture. Even now, making art is the most enjoyable thing for me.

Stretching Siamese Cat, 2021 © Lee Sangsoo

2.What does your work aim to say?

Among Picasso’s works, there are works that draw animals with minimal lines. I received my first inspiration through those works, and I wanted to reproduce them in a space rather than a canvas.

3.Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I like to observe animals. Each animal has its own unique characteristics. It is a mystery of nature and a result of evolution. No matter how talented an artist, he cannot express the wonder of nature. I just want to work on it anew as my method of expression.

Flamingos, 2021 © Lee Sangsoo

4.Could you give us some insight into your creative process?

Lines, planes and colors are important elements that work in my work. The lines drawn in the two-dimensional sketchbook determine the large flow and shape of the work, and it becomes three-dimensional by creating a square surface in the three-dimensional space.

And as the four sides of the square pipe are colored differently, they appear in various shapes and colors depending on the flow and twist, and you can feel the dynamism in the still work. In addition, depending on the flow, the thickness of the lines may become rhythmically thicker or thinner, and intersections may occur where the lines overlap. This is because the line is recognized and worked as a mass rather than a line.

5.What are your future projects?

Many galleries are now offering me an exhibition. First of all, I have decided to hold a solo exhibition in Singapore in 2022. And I am also in the process of coordinating the exhibition in Europe. Maybe I’ll be very busy. However, it is important for me to exhibit a lot, but I should not overlook thinking about and working on new works.

Interview by Fabio Pariante, journalist Twitter  Instagram


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Lee Sangsoo (South Korea, 1983) is a Korean sculptor and designer who mostly creates colorful and spiral animals, such as swans, cats, flamingos, dogs, parrots and deer. Each work is made of resin or stainless steel depending on the size: if the work is larger than one meter, the artist uses stainless steel. The colors Sangsoo uses are delicate and complementary shades, which recalls the real colors of the subject.

Each sculpture is three-dimensional and is inspired by the small drawings of Pablo Picasso, where shapes, colors and shades intertwine to give dynamism to the work, to the elegant and original profiles. For this reason, his minimal sculptures are also called ‘drawings in the air’. Lee Sangsoo lives and works in Korea.