Daria De, founder of the New Dream World project, from Ukraine. Photo © Courtesy of the NDW

What is your project about and what is your work there?

The “New Dream World” project was founded with the intention of becoming an unconventional and innovative contemporary art platform with a mission of research, support, acceleration, and representation for artists from all over the world aiming to enhance their artistic production in the best possible way.

I am the platform’s founder with a main focus on building a complementary and efficient network and infrastructure to communicate and showcase modern art in a way that suits today’s market.

Can you describe your approach to curating exhibitions and selecting artists to feature in your gallery?

In choosing artists I rely on my intuition and advice from experienced professionals of the art world with the aim of creating a compelling and memorable exhibition that resonates with the viewer. Since our project is still very young we are more flexible than many galleries that have been operating for decades.

We can afford to take risks and react faster in a rapidly changing environment. And most importantly grow and develop together with the artists.

Apparel for Kids, the New Dream of Ukraine Foundation, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York, 2023 © Courtesy of the NDW

How do you balance the commercial aspects of running a successful gallery with your passion for promoting and supporting artists and their work?

Finding balance can be challenging, particularly in the early stages. I’m sure that by working together with talented individuals,  it’s possible to find just the right combination between creativity and practicality. Optimism and willingness to grow and improve are admirable qualities that will take the project far.

And of course, the key to balancing commercial success with support for creators is to maintain a strong sense of integrity and purpose in all your interactions with artists, collectors, and the wider art community. By staying true to your values and your passion for promoting great art, you can build a successful and sustainable platform that benefits everyone involved.

Can you share an experience or exhibition that you are particularly proud of from your time as a project owner?

We just had a charity exhibition in New York with Sapar Contemporary Gallery, it was a bright project that we did in a very short time frame joining 22 artists together. Such artists as Waone, Dzvinya Podlyashetska, Rita Maikova, Maya Hayuk, Bohdan Burenko, Iryna Maksymova, Vova Keno, Vasyl Savchenko, and many others joined the project.

As a result, with the “Apparel for Kids” initiative  The New Dream of Ukraine Foundation, we raised money to help Ukrainian children from the de-occupied territories and orphanages and provide them with new clothes and shoes.

Apparel for Kids, the New Dream of Ukraine Foundation, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York, 2023 © Courtesy of the NDW

Also represented Ukrainian artists in New York. Some of them, such as Waone, and Bohdan Burenko have been in the American market for a long time, and some were shown for the first time. We plan to continue exhibiting in the U.S., but we also plan to do it in Paris, London, and Dubai.

What role do you see technology playing in the future of the art world and the gallery experience?

We strongly believe that tech and generative art will play a huge role in contemporary art in the coming years. Given that there is a shift in AI graphics expanding and delivering greater artistic results.

And new formats of owning and displaying digital art are emerging. We aim to utilize technology to give the needed infrastructure for artists to adapt and create new things in the mediums of today. At the same time offering a way for collectors to purchase, collect and display art in both physical and AR/VR spaces.

How do you foster a strong relationship with your artists and manage artist representation effectively?

I am sure that communication is the key to everything. It’s important to be transparent about your expectations, goals, and commission rates, and make sure to listen to artists’ needs and concerns. Of course, providing support, marketing, and promotion, being organized and professional, and showcasing their work effectively it’s a regular deal.

But for me, it’s important to build a sense of community among the artists I work with.

Apparel for Kids, the New Dream of Ukraine Foundation, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York, 2023 © Courtesy of the NDW

This could include providing opportunities for collaboration and networking and creating a supportive and positive environment that encourages creativity and growth. By building a strong community of artists, I can create a more vibrant and dynamic gallery that attracts collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world.

And the last thing. Passion. True admiration for the artist’s work. By experiencing passion and genuine emotion I can convey that same feeling to anyone.

Interview by Fabio Pariante, journalist / Twitter – Instagram


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