Daria De, founder of the New Dream World project, from Ukraine. Photo © Courtesy of the NDW

What is your project about and what is your work there?

The “New Dream World” project was founded with the intention of becoming an unconventional and innovative contemporary art platform with a mission of research, support, acceleration, and representation for artists from all over the world aiming to enhance their artistic production in the best possible way.

I am the platform’s founder with a main focus on building a complementary and efficient network and infrastructure to communicate and showcase modern art in a way that suits today’s market.

Can you describe your approach to curating exhibitions and selecting artists to feature in your gallery?

In choosing artists I rely on my intuition and advice from experienced professionals of the art world with the aim of creating a compelling and memorable exhibition that resonates with the viewer. Since our project is still very young we are more flexible than many galleries that have been operating for decades.