Valentina Caffieri is Head of Communication at Museo civico archeologico del Distretto minerario, Rio nell’Elba, Elba Island, Italy

1. Why are you personally on social media?

I think that social media help us to know and share ideas with others and give us the possibility to enlarge our point of you. Social media often are the expression of the immediacy but in my work I know they can help to transmit knowledge and memory of the past, connecting the present with the past in new ways.

2. Why did your museum registered for #MuseumWeek? 

The archaeological Museum of the Mining district in Rio nell’Elba is a little Italian museum whose main exhibition theme is the abundance and exploitation of mines since III Millennium B.C.  to medieval age.

It’s on Elba Island but many people know Elba only for the beauty of the nature. Others, thinking about Elba, see only its history connected with the great Napoleon Bonaparte but Elba Island has had a prehistory and an history before the  arrival of Bonaparte!  I’d like people ask “why” Napoleon chose  just this Island!

So I have registered Museum for Museumweek the first time in 2015. This archaeological and mineralogical museum can be interesting to discover the “undiscovered” Elba. For us it’s always a great experience have the opportunity to communicate with people and with others different museums of the world.