In 2017, #MuseumWeek will be active on Chinese social media via Sina Weibo and WeChat, the (kind of) Chinese equivalents of Twitter and Facebook. In this way, #MuseumWeek will better reach Chinese museums and Chinese audience in celebrating seven days of culture, especially women in culture this year.


If your institution is already active on Weibo, follow us on Weibo to stay tuned of updates. Our WeChat account will soon be up and running! The month leading to #MuseumWeek 2017 will be dedicated to providing background information and best practices of #MuseumWeek over social media, in a way to get us known in Chinese and get Chinese museums onboard! Be sure to use #全球博物馆周# in your Weibo posts to get them featured later on our topic page. Everyday during #MuseumWeek 2017, we will also share posts from Chinese museums on our existing platforms – see how creative museum colleagues in China can be! The other way round, your posts on our existing platforms may also be reposted on Weibo and WeChat to celebrate your endeavours with the Chinese community.


Huan Ying! Welcome to China, #MuseumWeek! Let’s speak Chinese and start sharing #全球博物馆周#!