China Academy of Art is the first Chinese cultural institution with a verified account on Twitter. They are also active on Facebook and Instagram. For the first time in 2018, they are participating in #MuseumWeek. We asked three questions to the community manager Hu Xinyun.

1. Why your institution will participate to #MuseumWeek?

China Academy of Art has three art museums. Two of them are designed by Pritzker Prize winners. The museums themselves are masterpieces. #MuseumWeek is a great program which cares different aspects of life and society. We would like to explore more possibilities by participating in it.

2. What do you think are the challenges addressing various public on various networks (Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc.)?

As an art academy, how will the tweets be able to attract not only art lovers but also a general public? How to break the limits of platforms – for example, only 1-min or 15-second videos can be posted on Instagram however some of our excellent videos are longer than that.