Francesca Ferro, assistant for promotion and web management / Royal Museums of Turin. Photography © Daniele Bottallo

1. Why are you personally on social media?

The pleasure of sharing, the love of images and an insatiable cultural curiosity, in the widest possible sense, are the reasons for my presence on the web. I love taking pictures, capturing details, associating what I see with musical or literary passages, thoughts that I publish on Instagram, while I prefer my private profile on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

Years ago, the real discovery was Pinterest, a social network that was comparable to my youthful passion for the collection of clippings, articles, invitations and photographs.

2. Why did your museum register for #MuseumWeek?

The Royal Museums contain a centuries-old history but have a recent identity, the #MuseumWeek is an opportunity to give voice to our museum in a more widespread and global way. Participating in this important event allows you to create new connections with other cultural realities, often geographically distant, by comparing experiences, stories and collections. Being there means joining a virtual community that expands into the network and sometimes translates into real contacts and projects.