Michael Sticka, President of the GRAMMY Museum of Los Angeles. Photography © Getty Images/GRAMMY Museum

1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

Our museum is one that celebrates music in all forms and genres. We are a museum that fosters inspiration in all people through the power a music. Our challenges, like many museums, are typically centered around funding. We must rely on the generosity of donors, members, corporate partners, and others to be able to deliver our programming effectively and consistently.

2.What kind of remarkable digital innovation would you like to share with us? It can be online and/or in your physical space.

In 2019, we raised more than $5.5 million to renovate our museum in Los Angeles, much of that money earmarked for interactive and digital experiences. A prime example of this is our “Mono to immersive” interactive exhibit, which takes the visitor on a visual and audible journey of recorded sound from the monophonic dusty wax cylinders of the 19th century to the multi-dimensional immersive audio of the present as you engross yourself in your favorite GRAMMY performances.

3.What are the social media platforms that your museum chose for its digital presence and who are your primary target audiences?

We use all major social media platforms to communicate our mission to the public, but also to deliver content. For instance, we actively engage with our community and the public via Facebook and Twitter, so that people know what it is we are doing.