Rosario d’Espinay Saint-Luc, painter from Colombia. Photography © Stéphane Dutal

1.Could you introduce yourself and the purpose of your artistic work?

From the Cauca Valley where I was born, in Colombia, to the Ecuadorian Andes, where I lived for many years. Then followed by a perilous crossing of the Oceans to the south of France, a flight with two children, towards freedom, love. Provence. My life is the story of an uprooting, in the midst of the clash of the Colombian civil war, within a broken family.

During all these years, nature has been my sanctuary, my refuge, and little by little whilst my creative intention emerged, the aesthetic drive, a common thread appeared to me.

Painting irrepressibly led me to unite the pieces of my life, my forgotten roots, my exile, my mother’s happiness and my accomplishment as a woman. My techniques are tools used to express an intention of union with myself, my history, nature, and humanity.