Alfredo Rapetti Mogol aka Cheope is a lyricist and painter from Italy. Photography © Valentina Tamborra

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum?

I am increasingly convinced that the role of museums today is to choose artists or themes that can give a revealing message of aspects of society or the individual. Museums retain an idea of the common good to better understand social problems or that raise us spiritually to a few centimeters from the ground.

Important and profound themes that are fuses for a small but continuous dynamic of the sensitivity of consciences, an imperceptible mechanism of evolution of a people, of an entire society.

Io e te © Alfredo Rapetti Mogol

2.What are your favorite museums in the world? Why?

I love many museums and it is very difficult to make some of the most interesting classifications. For example, the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice and the Whitney Museum in New York, the Guggenheim in Berlin and the Prada and Mudima Foundations in Milan. And then the Calderara Foundation and the Tapies Foundation in Barcelona come to mind.