David Aiu Servan-Schreiber, visual artist, working and living between London and Paris. Photography © Aiu Studio

1.Could you introduce yourself and the purpose of your artistic work?

My name is David Servan-Schreiber I am a contemporary and visual artist based in London. The purpose of my work is to make people connect with our environment, our planet, and nature. 

2.How important are social networks in your work?

Social networks are a hard thing to avoid in my work, social media are bringing an opportunity to communicate on our message and our works, it is also a great way to get inspired, and to create new relationships. 

3.Could you share with us the impact of the crisis on the promotion of your work and the way you are facing this situation?

I’ve had three exhibitions canceled, and many projects postponed, this crisis had a huge impact on the promotion of my work. However, it allowed me to try new things, I’ve started to make lives on Instagram which was a first for me.
I have also made virtual studio tours, talks, and exhibitions.
On the positive side, this crisis taught me to take my time and that is a great lesson.