1.What is your museum about and what are its challenges?

La Reunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais is a French based institution, a cultural platform of production, publishing, distribution and advocacy for cultural activities, mainly fine art exhibitions and services. We are operating a wide scope of collaborations with French and international museums, and directly managing some venues – for example The French National Gallery and The Grand Palais in Paris.

The challenges we face in our fast-changing world are to continue being a pertinent alliance for our partners’ networks and to be an UpToDate host to our different audiences, welcoming them in the best ways and opening the doors for art and culture, to the largest number on site and online; https://www.rmngp.fr

Picture: Gérard Ducher

2.What kind of remarkable digital innovation would you like to share with us? It can be online and/or in your physical space. 

Our recent exhibition’s production Pompei, which is a highly digital immersive experience, is a good example for an evolution of exhibitions’ practice; the public is invited to stroll down a long XXL digital format projection of Pompeii’s main street, evolving before and after the eruption; several Domus creating spaces for other types of digital projection and interaction with content: 3D reconstructions, 4K drone visions, interviews and images. 

A 15-meter-high projection of the Vesuvius eruption every 30 minutes simulates this dramatic moment in a very impressive and scientific way. There are several objects i.e. “ambassadors” from Pompeii archeological site, all along the digital street, leading to interactive zones where the public can use augmented reality for example.