Marie-Caroline Chaudruc

Marie-Caroline Chaudruc, Director of Château de Montsoreau – Museum of Contemporary Art. Photography © Marie-Caroline Chaudruc

1.What is your museum about and what it your work there?

Our museum is a kind of ghost ship. Its setting is in a historic castle once surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Loire river, moored on the bank for an uncertain length of time, in search of something or someone.

In Wagner’s opera, the Flying Dutchman, which could well be art itself, is on a frantic quest. Cursed, he wanders the seas and valiantly faces the raging elements, sometimes downhearted and sometimes full of hope.

Every seven years, he docks to seek the one whose faithfulness will end his curse and whose love will grant him salvation. Like the Flying Dutchman, our visitors are actors in their own quest, and if they find what they came for in the museum, I suppose that we have done a good job.