Lauren Baker, visual artist, working and living in London. Photography © Roman Scott

1.Could you introduce yourself and the purpose of your artistic work?

I’m a British multi-disciplinary artist. I  explore human connection, metaphysics, and the expansiveness of the universe. My signature light works portray the power of energy through poetic typographic and celestial chakra artworks.

I’m passionate about environmental issues and sustainability – creating large scale environmental art activism installations. I use light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and through my art, I aim to raise the vibration of love and connection within the world

2.How important are social networks in your work?

A virtual connection amplifies real-life connections. Instagram is a fun and easy way to get a fast visual representation of the essence of a person or brand.

I find it to be a crucial communication tool dealing with the art world in 2020 – the direct two-way communication results in instant connections and helps to develop and maintain real-life relationships. I aim to connect and inspire my audience, and I’m attracted to other accounts that inspire me and spread good vibes. 

3.Could you share with us the impact of the crisis on the promotion of your work and the way you are facing this situation?

As an artist, I am used to a roller coaster of extremes –  I go from intense solo show prep to inspiring travel adventures for months at a time – art life flows with constant change! So this period is just another evolving wave for me – with my physical shows postponed, I have more time for creation which is a blessing.

I’ve actually had an increase in sales during the lockdown. I’m guessing this is because my art is about positivity, unity, and uplifting states of consciousness, and possibly due to the wider reach having being commissioned to create multiple large scale public artworks recently. At the moment I’m in my huge studio on my own, while my team works remotely,  so I’m more hands-on than usual.

Since lockdown, I’ve listened to the many requests for studio tours and have now ventured into IGTV which I’d been putting off for ages! 

4.What’s your favorite museum and why?

It was an honor to create installations at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Exchange, UNESCO site of Al Ula and The V&A –  so I feel connected and have a deep respect for all of these institutions.

I particularly love the variety in the V&A. On the top floor, there is an amazing collection of ceramics –  ranging from classical to contemporary. Also, the place is literally littered with random sculptures of classical characters of mythical origin, gods, and goddesses galore!

I still can’t quite believe the V&A allowed me to do my crazy installation involving a golden bathtub with a real-life nude goddess and a big white ‘Tree of Possibility’ sculpture amongst the permanent sculptures! They really let me go wild and I appreciate that level of creative freedom. 

Interview by Louise Coussieu Baylac, contributor


Lauren Baker on social networks: Instagram

Her work explores the fragility of life. Using neon light, crystals, and diamond dust, Lauren creates celestial artworks that make us pause and reflect. Her recent works visually interpret unseen energy. Lauren listens to sound frequencies and builds sensory experiences that explore the intriguing beauty born from destruction and chaos.

Her most recent collection ‘The Immensity of The Universe’ was firstly released in Saatchi Gallery on Sept 2018. She has also created installations at The V&A, Tate Britain, and Tate Modern and her work is held in collections worldwide. For her latest major project, she created two large scale sculptures for the promotion of the UNESCO site of Al Ula.