Philip Rubinov Jacobson, artist, author and educator from USA. Photography © Liya Tomaszewicz

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum?

From my point of view, when science and technology married in production, art became lost in the ceremony. After the wedding of Science and Industry in modern modernity, an all-out effort succeeded in dominating and colonizing the other value spheres, like Art and  Religion, effectively initiating a destruction of the need for the integration of the Beautiful, the True and the Good.

Some art museums today have fallen to this  conditioned view of Science and Technology ruling over the domain of Art and allowing, encouraging and even guiding their museum toward a Pseudo-Techno Art.

Today, I believe the role of the art museum is to turn its artful eye toward integrating and synthesizing, which is something our fragmented and over-specialized age sorely needs. Although there is an overwhelming need for that in the future of art museums, many of those who run museums believe the now and future role of art is to move toward exclusively utilizing technology for artistic human expression. I strongly disagree.