Gretchen Andrew, search engine artist and Internet imperialist from Los Angeles. Photography © Nick Berardi

1.In your opinion what is the role of a museum?

As I approach my first museum exhibition I have been thinking a lot about this. There are two important quotes I love on this:

“A genuine public space is a place where every citizen is welcome to be present, and where the purely private is excluded or restricted. One reason that attendance at art museums has soared in recent years is that museums still feel public in this way. After those tangled sheets, how delicious the enforced decorum and the hush, the absence of in-your-face consumerism. How sweet the promenading, the seeing and being seen. Everybody needs a promenade sometimes—a place to go when you want to announce to the world (not the little world of friends and family but the big world, the real world) that you have a new suit, or are in love, or suddenly realize that you stand a full inch taller when you don’t hunch your shoulders”. 

Jonathan Franzen, The New Yorker