Nathaniel Rackowe, visual artist from the United Kingdom. Photography © Green Man Trust

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I’m a London based artist from the UK. My large-scale urban referenced structures, and light sculptures are designed to recreate the experience of navigating the city around us. These works are abstracted impressions of today’s metropolitan experience evoked through the vicissitudes of light as it fluctuates throughout the city.

I’m influenced by Modernism, film and video games and use the mass manufactured derivative products of the modernist era – glass, corrugated plastics, concrete, scaffolding, breeze blocks and strip lights – to recreate the collective experience and visual sensations of urban contemporary life, while incorporating my deeply personal emotional response to flowing through built space.

2.What are your favourite museums in the world? Why?

These are so many great museum spaces, big and small. I like the museums with odd and surprising spaces. Did you know the Palais de Tokyo in Paris has a hidden secret street art and installation section? Perhaps they destroyed it by now, but it used to be behind a closed door in that labyrinth basement of theirs.