Vans The Omega, artist and director from Australia. Photography © Luke Shirlaw

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

Right now at this stage of my career I balance work as a contemporary artist/street artist that travel’s the globe painting large scale works on the street and then flip to my director/curator roles in festivals like The Big Picture Fest, Wonderwalls Port Adelaide and many other productions. As I get older I love to make realities come to life for many artists as well as myself to ensure I can facilitate and inspire the coming generations and be a leader to keep creativity front and center with government and councils.

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing in a serious and playful way. I was exposed to my grandmothers studio practice since I was a baby and managed to use many different medias, paper stock, canvas etc from the age of 3.

In the mid 80’s when I was exposed to spray paint I became obsessed and started drawing and painting letter forms, starting with the words I had learned and my family’s names. My love of art and cross over of letters became the basis of the name Vans the Omega and helped my develope into the person I am today through the continuous 20 years of travel.