Lorenzo Quinn, sculptor from Rome, Italy. Photo © L. Quinn

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

It’s difficult to tell 35 years in a nutshell, but among other things I could make a sculpture on this question, it seems interesting: I get so many ideas! I am a figurative sculptor and in my works I often use hands as a symbol because they represent a universal language. Mine is a dialogue and not a monologue and therefore I need people to understand me, to communicate in a universal language through not only the symbol of the hands, but also the bodies.

In my works I look for dialogue. I started as a surrealist painter and then my source of inspiration was Salvador Dalì (who I also played in a film about 30 years ago when I was acting) and then I dedicated myself totally to sculpture because I like the third dimension of the volume, in addition to the two size of painting and drawing. In my works I always look for the fourth dimension, the symbol which is the message of the work.

Support, the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy © Lorenzo Quinn

2.What are your favorite museums in the world? Why?

The Borghese Museum and Gallery in Rome immediately comes to mind because I love Gian Lorenzo Bernini. He is a fantastic sculptor because he made incredible things with marble. Rome is full of great museums, there are also the Vatican Museums where there is the Belvedere Torso and many other works that I like, but apart from these museums, the city of Rome is an open-air museum!

Then I really like the Musée d’Orsay in Paris for the art it collects: from the impressionist paintings to the Carpeaux sculptor whom I adore. I also really like the Rodin Museum and among the modern museums I like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles because in addition to the collection, I really like the museum: when you visit it, it is a museum that inspires you! However in the world there are many beautiful museums and it’s difficult to mention them all.

3.How important are social networks in your business? And which platform do you prefer and why.

Social networks are absolutely important (especially during Covid-19), but they are also a double-edged sword because they can distract you from what you want to do and convey, because they can become a competition between those who do more and it is absurd, because the beauty that is seen in some profiles is superficial, it’s fake.

An important aspect is the direct relationship with the followers. I manage my Instagram account and respond directly to people who look for me, who comment, and this is a beautiful thing as long as it is manageable: I don’t have one or two million followers, but I only have about 150 thousand and it’s not much for today’s numbers!

Empowerment, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England © Lorenzo Quinn

Social networks are an important means of reaching people directly and I mainly use Instagram. On Facebook I interact little, but I should be more active on Twitter and Pinterest, but I don’t have time and I should have someone who does it for me, but then it would no longer be what it should be: direct contact with people as I like it.

4.What are your future projects?

I have many projects I’m working on and others in the drawer that I will work on. During the spring of 2022 I hope to inaugurate the sculpture “You are the world” for Lake Iseo, in Italy, and then this year I will inaugurate two important sculptures, “Unity” in the United States and the other in Holland, “You are the world”.

I am also preparing two large solo exhibitions in London and Shanghai and then I have many new assignments and sculptures. This year I am going back to using marble for some sculptures that we are producing in Pietrasanta, but currently due to Covid-19 we will finish in the coming months and finally other public and private works in Italy and around the world.

5.To create greater engagement among museums, artists and professionals, do you have any advice for cultural projects such as #MuseumWeek?

Unfortunately, I am not very up to date as I have been quite busy working on all the assignments that I have mentioned above, and I cannot talk much about them due to the confidentiality agreement. But I checked the Instagram account of your project and I must say that you are doing a great job, wonderful. Congratulations and keep in touch!

Interview by Fabio Pariante, journalist Twitter


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Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966) is an Italian sculptor who grew up between Italy and the United States where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in New York City. Son of Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn, he began his career in the art world first as an actor (for the role of Dali he won the Biarritz Film Festival award) and then devoted himself exclusively to the production of sculptures made with various materials, in particular bronze, steel and marble.

Among the most important events, Quinn was a “Young Artists Patron” for Unesco, in 2008 with “Evolution” exhibition he inaugurated the new spaces of the Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair, London, then donated the sculpture “Hope” to the Blind Museum in Madrid, Spain and created the “Children in need” which was later awarded to Heather Mills and Phil Collins. With each work, Quinn wants to raise public awareness with important messages, in which each person represents a world made to meet to reflect on important issues, create empathy and sharing. For example, with the sculpture “Support” in Venice, a child’s hands emerge from the water to raise awareness on the issue of climate change which threatens, among other things, to sink the city.

Quinn’s works are found all over the world: Singapore, United States, Spain, Italy, Monaco, United Kingdom and moreover, the artist is also co-owner of an Italian restaurant located in Barcelona, ​​which exhibits many of his sculptures, and among the latest works he has created is “Twork”, a special fork for pasta lovers! Lorenzo Quinn lives and works in Barcelona, ​​Spain.