Sebastian Magnani, photographer from Switzerland. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

1.Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

I’m a fine art photographer, but all started differently. I discovered my love for photography during my apprenticeship as a media-designer. Over the years it transformed my biggest passion into a business. I became self-employed, mainly as a portrait photographer, and was able to acquired several clients.

But day-by-day I got more frustrated and unhappy to work like a service provider. For most of the shootings I did not get much time, was not booked for what I can do best, so I felt really replaceable – also the quality was low. My dream looked different than my reality.

Practice © Sebastian Magnani

I just did not get the appreciation that I was looking for. I was less and less happy and my passion decreased day by day. So I decided to leave everything behind me, give all up and to just focus on my personal art projects. And, let’s say, to give everything up for something new without any big financial backup was hard for me. But when your drive is missing, you can’t focus energy and can’t give your best, especially when you are an extremely passionated person, so I had to decided the path of happiness and fulfillment for myself.