Luke James, artist from Paris, France. Photo © Courtesy of the artist

Tell us what you do and your beginnings.

Since the very beginning, my practice is composed essentially of a work of sculpture but also of photography and painting which invokes a physical relationship to materials and space. My sculptures can be decomposed as a series of sensitive and weighted gestures practiced on materials worked in a rough way. My photographs are primarily fortuitous situations or provoked by the meeting of dissonant elements, echoing the forms elaborated in my sculptures.

Globally, it develops in the course of pieces functioning like indexical and fragmentary traces of the dissection of relations between relations of power and curiosity: the Man, the animal, the architecture, and the social classes are some of the components of the interactions observed and questioned in the daily day. In exhibitions, I attempt to articulate sculpture and photography, which then act as reciprocal indices of reading. The exhibition space becomes a territory to conquer, and to play with that I appropriate gestures of construction as deconstruction.

Loon, Luke James. Photo ©Laurent Langlois

Right after my studies in ENSBA in 2015, I was invited to do my very first solo show in Barcelone the same year in a space called Homesession. The next year I was selected for Le Salon de Montrouge and a year after, to Revelation Emerige, a french prize for young artists. Between 2015 to 2019, I was moving a bit here and there with residencies like CCA Kitakyushu (Japan), Le Bel Ordinaire (France, Pau), and in Praiano in a partnership with BOZAR (Brussel) and Sol Lewitt house. I am now living in Paris.