Daniela Alfonsi is the Content Director of the Football Museum in São Paulo, Brazil.

1. Why are you personally on Twitter ?

I registered my account many years ago, but – I have to confess –, Twitter didn’t pleased me at first… When the Sao Paulo´s State Secretariat of Culture, Brazil, @culturasp, invited all the museums to participate of the Museum Week, I decided to try again. Then, my team at the Football Museum, show me incredible profiles – some of then I recommend bellow. I think that I’ll finally become a Twitter user since this participation in Museum Week!

2. Why did your museum registered to  #MuseumWeek?

Because its a great opportunity to show the Football Museum in a creative way, interacting with others museums and being part of a worldwide cultural event. The communication in a Museum could not stay away from the new technologies and languages. We have to take part of this experience to understand and propose new ways to talk to our public.

3. Which Twitter accounts do you recommend for people interested in … football history and fun?

Football is a theme with so many references all over the world… I selected a few one, that explore creative ways to represent this sports history and memory:

@museudofutebol – The official account of the Football Museum in São Paulo

@OldSchoolPanini – for those who love stamps and cards of football

@AntiqueFootball – for those who love football history

And don’t forget @culturasp – for those who want to know more about the public programmes and museums of the State of São Paulo

Interview by @MarDixon and @benben71