Karol Wight is President and Executive Director of The Corning Museum of Glass in New York, USA.

1. How did you live the #MuseumWeek experience? Did you notice any new dynamic in your institution since then ?

The #MuseumWeek event was timed well for us in that it occurred just after the grand opening of our new Contemporary Art + Design Wing. We used it as an opportunity to encourage those following the hashtag to explore topics related to the new wing and also to encourage our many engaged followers to comment on the new wing. We hope that using the hashtag while tweeting about the new wing exposed our museum followers to other museum conversations.  I personally also took the opportunity to draw attention to our ancient collection (of which I am the curator) by posting images of works that related to the daily theme, and picked up some new followers during the week as a result.

2. During the event, was the opportunity to invite specific audiences like fans, Instagrammers, artists, influencers acted upon…?

Yes, we encouraged people to answer questions and share their comments using #MuseumWeek.

3. What is the benefit for your institution to be on twitter ?

For us, it’s an opportunity to start conversations with people who might not know much about the museum. It’s an opportunity to engage with people who love the material of glass as much as we do. And, most importantly, it’s a way to continue the conversation with those who visit the museum.


Interview by @MarDixon and @benben71