Michael Geithner is Head of Digital Media at the DDR Museum in Berlin.

1. How did you live the #MuseumWeek  experience? Did you notice any new dynamic in your institution since then?

We already joined the #MuseumWeek in 2014 and it was great fun every year. The DDR Museum is about East German History during the Cold War and it’s one of the most interactive museum I know of, so #MuseumWeek perfectly fits the whole idea of the museum itself. The team enjoys to dive into this very playful week and every year we all rediscover how playful social media can be and how wonderful our community out there is. You could also say, it makes more and more fun every year.

We gained a lot of followers and could interest people from all around the world into German History. The #MuseumWeek helped us to spread our own Hashtag #ddrmuseum to stay in touch with the community in the rest of the year.It was great to involve some people from the museum staff, who never have any contact to social media stuff, like our janitor. I just made a very short vine of him cleaning the exhibition and he got back 4.700 Impressions. Since then he definitely knows, what Twitter is: