Beba Pérez Bernárdez is Director of the Museum of Almería

1. Why are you personally on social media?

I’d miss so many things if I wasn’t! Although the time I spend on social networks is usually related to work, sometimes work and personal life merge. I am happy being “social”, I smile more often. My timeline is full of culture, museums and cultural heritage, the line between them is very thin.

Social media gives me a space that is more free and closer in which to share interests and create critical debate. A real space for shared knowledge, where I learn every day and in which information and the museum (my little world) expand.

2. Why did your museum register for #MuseumWeek?

In 2014 we dropped our profile newly created @MuseoAlmeria in #MuseumWeek, a sweeping initiative that taught us to love Twitter and its ability to create community and conversation.